Scar laser removal

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Additional Information

If you have had a severe or even superficial injury, the healing process may have left a scar. Its appearance depends not only on the type and extent of the wound but also on the individual's disposition to form scars.

During the first consultation, your surgeon will check the state of your scar and decide whether it is suitable for laser treatment. If you have large scars to be removed, please take into consideration that the procedure will have to be repeated several times. Desensitisation is not necessary for minor scar treatment. You will probably only feel a slight burning. In cases of larger scars, desensitisation of the to-be-treated area may be convenient.

The treated area may be slightly reddish, however, it will turn pale quite quickly. It is vital to protect the treated area from sun exposure for at least one month. We recommend using sun-block creams. It is also advisable to keep the scar moist with a healing ointment recommended by your surgeon. No other precautions are necessary.


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