One lip augmentation, operative with laser

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AED 1,463 - 1,672CAD 546 - 624CHF 392 - 448DKK 2,611 - 2,984EUR 350 - 400GBP 315 - 360SEK 3,612 - 4,128USD 399 - 456

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The purpose of this procedure is to obtain additional volume and more youthful appearance of the lips. The lips are exceptionally mobile structures consisting of soft and elastic tissues. This quality must not be compromised by the surgery, whose aim is to establish harmonious proportions on the face.

Various natural and synthetic materials are available, each having some advantages and disadvantages. Natural materials are the patient’s own fat, skin dermis, fascia or processed skin fragments of other persons. Their advantage lies in good tolerance without allergic reactions. However, their use is often associated with unpredictable results. Due to a possibility of their absorption by the body with the lapse of time, the effect can be transient, therefore calling for repeated interventions. Synthetic materials are available in gel or solid state. They may sometimes cause allergic reactions and rejection as a result of intolerance. Liability to allergic reactions may represent a contraindication for their use.

The surgery is performed in local anesthesia. The applied material determines the length of operation. If the patient’s own fat is used, it is previously taken from certain regions of the body, and after preparation injected into the lips through small incisions made in the corners of the mouth. Synthetic materials do not require previous preparation.

The intervention is done in outpatient conditions and therefore does not involve longer stay in hospital. The lips are moderately swollen. Cold compresses are recommended during the first days, in order to reduce the swelling, which gradually subsides and disappears after five to seven days. There are certain risks of lip asymmetry, scarring or changes in sensation. Occasionally, if the lips are pressed between fingers, the injected synthetic material can be felt as firmness. In the cases of excessive absorption of natural materials by the body, the operation can be repeated.

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