Laser operation of lower lids with fat extracting

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Approximate price

AED 3,177CAD 1,186CHF 851DKK 5,670EUR 760GBP 684SEK 7,843USD 866

Additional Information

Other names for this operation are eyelid lift, eye lift, cosmetic eye surgery, laser eyelid surgery, laser blepharoplasty. Primary goal is removal of excess skin, fat, and/or orbicularis muscle to improve appearance. Secondary goalsare enhancement and/or deepening of lid crease, uplift of drooping eyelashes, increase in peripheral vision

Operation is commonly performed under local anesthesia with oral sedation in an office operating room or with intravenous sedation as an out-patient at a hospital or surgicenter.

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty is a relatively safe and proven operation. Because the eyes are the focal point on the face, the procedure may achieve anything from a subtle to dramatic improvement in a person's appearance, depending of the starting point and patient preferences. For this and such reasons as its relatively modest cost and much quicker recovery, many people choose blepharoplasty over full face lift.

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