Health advisory


The public water supply in Serbian towns and cities is safe and palatable. There are a great number of brands of bottled water, both still and sparkling, widely sold at affordable prices. Water from public fountains is also safe to drink, unless there is a specific warning that it is not suitable for drinking.

Milk and dairy products are produced to European standards. Fruit and vegetables are safe to consume with standard washing before use. In general, as in every other European country, all food and drink bought at regular points of sale is safe to consume.


Vaccinations against infectious diseases are not necessary. Normal hygiene practices are enough to ensure a safe stay in Serbia.

There are hospitals and clinics in all large towns and cities and there are medical surgeries in smaller towns.

Foreign nationals, as well as Serbian nationals who live and work abroad, are entitled to urgent medical assistance for the duration of their stay in Serbia. Citizens of countries with which an international health insurance treaty has been signed are entitled to urgent medical assistance in Serbia on the basis of a certificate of health insurance held. They are entitled to urgent medical assistance by filling in the necessary forms (if these are required) or on the basis of a document proving that they are insured in their home country.

Citizens of Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria and Great Britain are entitled to urgent medical assistance on the basis of a document proving that they have health insurance in their own country. The citizens of the following countries are entitled to urgent healthcare on the basis of a prescribed form: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands and Romania. Citizens of the aforementioned countries not having the required confirmation with them may still receive urgent medical assistance with confirmation requested from their own insurer at a later date. Foreign nationals with chronic or acute conditions (on dialysis, insulin etc.) need special certificates in order for them to receive such health services free of charge in Serbia.

Citizens of countries with which Serbia has not signed an international health insurance treaty pay for emergency medical assistance received during their temporary stay in Serbia. Any costs incurred may be reimbursed by their own insurance company on return to their home country.


The Emergency Ambulance Service can be reached by calling 94 and is available 24 hours a day.

In larger towns and cities there are also 24-hour dental surgeries, as well as 24-hour health institutions for all kinds of urgent conditions or injuries.

Selected pharmacies are also open 24 hours, although some medicines require a doctor’s prescription.


Serbia is covered by a network of veterinary clinics and offices, some of which are also open 24 hours.


Ministry of Health
Nemanjina 22–26, 11000 Belgrade
tel. ++381 (0)11 3613-734

Republic Institute for Health Insurance
Dr Aleksandra Kostića 9, 11000 Belgrade
tel. ++381 (0)11 2061-000