Forehead tightening and brow lift

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AED 14,630 - 18,810CAD 5,460 - 7,020CHF 3,920 - 5,040DKK 26,110 - 33,570EUR 3,500 - 4,500GBP 3,150 - 4,050SEK 36,120 - 46,440USD 3,990 - 5,130

Additional Information

A forhead lift (also known as a brow lift or browplasty) is similar to a face lift but instead concentrates on tightening the forehead area in a bid to eliminate wrinkles and drooping skin usually associated with old age. It is therefore a cosmetic procedure although occasionally the operation is performed to eliminate a drooping eye brow which may be impairing the patient’s vision. This form of plastic surgery is often combined with other procedures such as a full face lift and eyelid surgery.

Numbness and swelling are normal after all types of brow lifts. The classic procedures usually see longer-lasting effects than the newer endoscopic methods, with numbness now replaced by itchiness which can last for up to 6 months. Stitches are usually removed after 2 weeks regardless of the type of surgery.

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