Eyelashes transplantation

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Nowadays women and men with complete or partial eyelash or eyebrow loss (madarosis) can regain their eyebrow and eyelash through a micro surgical hair transplant procedure. Restoration is a safe, minimally invasive micro surgical procedure.

The donor hair is extracted one follicle at a time from either your scalp or your leg. Hair grows in cycles so the effect is not immediate. It will take 4-6 months before the new hairs start to grow in your eyebrow or eyelash.

New hairs are in most cases permanent. Sometimes a small maintenance session may be required after a few years but that is rare. For some individuals, occasional trimming as well as "contouring" of the transplanted eyebrows or eyelashes may be required until the grafts start to form their own curves.

Post operative complications are often limited to minor itching, pain and possibly swelling in some patients. Patients should avoid scratching the recipient site as this may dislocate or dislodge the grafts.

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