Double chin liposuction

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Approximate price

AED 2,090 - 3,135CAD 780 - 1,170CHF 560 - 840DKK 3,730 - 5,595EUR 500 - 750GBP 450 - 675SEK 5,160 - 7,740USD 570 - 855

Additional Information

Double chin liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure done by a qualified plastic surgeon to remove the excess fat under the chin, and also the sagging skins around neck area.

Recovery of the patients is very fast. Plastic surgeons now make only tiny incisions in skin liposuction since the latest liposuction instruments are quite small, with a diameter of less than 2 mm. The surgeon applies a local anesthesia. There is very little bleeding and much lesser trauma to the skin tissues, compared to earlier liposuction procedures.

Even though only a local anesthesia is given and the patient could move about immediately after the plastic surgery, it would be advisable to take rest for 2-3 days. However, moderate activities could be undertaken without any problem. There would be moderate swelling but this would subside rapidly. There are virtually no side effects in modern liposuction procedures.


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