Abdomen Skin Lifting

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AED 8,360 - 12,540CAD 3,120 - 4,680CHF 2,240 - 3,360DKK 14,920 - 22,380EUR 2,000 - 3,000GBP 1,800 - 2,700SEK 20,640 - 30,960USD 2,280 - 3,420

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Abdominoplasty is an intervention that involves elimination of excessive skin and fat tissues from central and lower parts of the abdomen alongside with the tightening of abdominal muscles. It is equally effective in male and female patients suffering from smaller or bigger fat deposits associated with abdominal skin laxity, which are resistant to dieting or exercise. It is of particular significance for women whose abdominal muscles have remained weak after pregnancy.

Overweight patients intending to undergo a reduction diet are advised to postpone the intervention. Likewise, abdominoplasty should be postponed in women planning pregnancy, as this condition can provoke the weakening of abdominal muscles. If the patient underwent any abdominal surgery in the past, the surgeon must be informed about that in detail. Preliminary examination of the patient’s general health and basic laboratory analyses are essential.

Operation is performed in total anesthesia and lasts between two and three hours. A long incision is made between the hips and above the pubic region. Abdominal skin and subcutaneous fat tissues are detached from the muscles up to the costal arch. The navel, previously marked with a circular incision, remains fixed in situ. Muscle tightening is done with strong sutures. Excessive skin and fat tissues are pulled downward and eliminated. Mini-procedures may be performed in the patients with a less conspicuous problem. They consist of shorter incisions combined with the LIPOSUCTION technique for the removal of excessive fat deposits.

Necessary hospitalization lasts between two and three days. The drain is removed on the second day, and sutures are pulled out after ten days. A special elastic garment should be worn during several weeks. Given the benefit of an early activation, the patient should be encouraged to leave the bed as of the first day. A mild swelling remains visible for a few days and may be associated with moderate pain. Return to work depends on the size of intervention, post-operative course and the patient’s profession, and may be planned within three to four weeks. Strenuous physical activities, weight carrying etc. should be avoided during one month. Large interventions carry the risk of lasting changes in abdominal skin sensitivity. During the first months, the scars are firm and pink. Only six months later do they become softer and paler, yet they almost always remain visible. However, the convenient circumstance is that they are normally covered with underwear or bathing suits.

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